earn A Bike

Community members of all ages learn basic maintenance skills and earn bicycles through training, mentoring, and service. 

Through weekly opportunities, community members earn credit hours by serving in their own communities. Whether it's assisting our neighbors with yard work or keeping our streets clean from litter, you can find our youth and adults taking responsibility in the community. Once our community members have earned enough credits and completed a bike safety session, they can exchange credits for their very own set of wheels. While earning a bicycle, individuals learn the value of hard work, social responsibility, and bike safety while developing mentoring relationships. 

3 Easy Steps to Earn a Bike through Village Wrench

1. Get to work in your community: trash pick up, visiting with a senior citizen, or raking leaves for a single-parent are great examples. Ask yourself, "What am I good at and how can I put that to work in my neighborhood?" Remember: 4 volunteer hours for youth under 16 years old and 8 volunteer hours for everyone else.

2. Document your work on the Tracking Sheet and have someone validate your volunteerism by signing it and providing their phone number.  Also complete a Liability Waiver online or print one out.

3. Bring the Tracking Sheet to the Workshop during normal business hours. At this point we will have you complete a waiver if you have not already done so and  pick out a bike from our inventory.  Note: Our inventory changes constantly, so if a suitable bike is not immediately ready when you arrive then you may need to roll up your sleeves and help us repair it, or you can arrange to come back once we have one ready for you.

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