Building Community, one bike at a time.

More than just another shop where youth can find a new ride or repair an old one, but an opportunity to build meaningful relationships in our neighborhood.

Every bike earned or fixed creates moments for neighbors to meet neighbors and allow us to invest in each other while sharing God’s love.


The Village Wrench is committed to being a neighborhood-based program where mentoring relationships are built that create revolving conversations, whether those are about work, family, school, sports, decision-making, future aspirations, or peer-pressure. We are focused on the West Side of Greenville, aka "The Mill Crescent," but are open to partnering with any local leadership. 

Positive Role Models

Youth are able to have positive role models that can come alongside them during their most challenging years. In addition, youth are encouraged to give back to their community through service opportunities when earning their bicycles, which not only improves the quality of life for our neighborhood but also helps reinforce youth’s social responsibility.  

Continued Relationships

Our leaders and youth typically live within a few blocks of one another, which allows for continued relationships and conversations to occur naturally. Over time, neighbors are able to get to know each other better while we continue to invest in one another and aspire to see our neighborhood thrive.

Our Communities

Greater Sullivan

The Greater Sullivan community is located just outside the heart of downtown Greenville adjacent to Greenville High School. Greater Sullivan was originally developed during the late 1800s alongside the bustling Mills Mill textile factory, where there were a growing number of homes, stores, and places of worship. During the mid-1900s the Greater Sullivan community became well-known for it's historically African American Sullivan Street Elementary School, which helped educate many of the civil right leaders that came to change the face of our country. Since, Greater Sullivan has become a diverse community that has made significant educational and economic progress with an even brighter future ahead. Wes Whitesell, Tisha Barnes, and Dan Weidenbenner of the VW Team are proud to call Greater Sullivan their home.

Sans Souci

Sans Souci is a large neighborhood situated around the former American Spinning textile mill, with Old Buncombe Rd. as the primary artery through this racially and economically diverse community. Old Buncombe intersects Pete Hollis Road near the Pete Hollis Bridge and the Poe Mill community. After the opening of the Village Wrench repair shop near our former location in Woodside, we strategically moved the Woodside repair event into the heart of Sans Souci. Village Church, the organizing church behind Village Wrench, meets in Sans Souci and their pastor, Seth Cain, with his wife, Ashley, are the community leads. The Velo Valets bike shop is also located in the Sans Souci community and their owners, Carlo & Sarah Franco, are the mechanic leads for this repair event. Velo Valets maintains strong and admirable engagement in their community. 

West Greenville

The West Greenville community is just around the corner from Greater Sullivan adjacent to Greenville's Arts District. The West Greenville community was originally developed beyond the Brandon Textile Mill in the early 1900s. Baseball was one way that brought this community together. In fact, Shoeless Joe Jackson played for the Brandon Mill basbeball team and later went on to play in the majors. Although no community goes without having its struggles, West Greenville has truly become an eclectic and diverse community filled with talented and proud residents, artists, and activists. The Village Wrench was originally founded in the West Greevnille community through the leadership of Village Church in partnership with Bethel Bible Missionary Church. John & Kathy Hall and Joseph & Sarah Dowsley of the VW Team live in the West Greenville community.

Future Sites of Expansion

We would love to meet a leader from the following neighborhoods to help expand our services:

  • Poe
  • Nicholtown
  • Berea
  • Judson
  • City View
  • Welcome
  • Others