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100% of your tax-deductible contribution helps to support the programs of Village Wrench. Every donation allows Village Wrench to not only equip an at-risk youth with a new set of wheels, but to use that bicycle as a platform to provide mentoring opportunities to instill the values of hard work and social responsibility to develop them into leaders.

Full-Time Director

“I jumped into all things Village Wrench in October, and I’ve loved every bit of it! I’m passionate about community development, following Jesus’ example of knowing and loving people well, and adventuring — especially on two wheels!”


Or Mail Donations to:
Village Wrench
8 Lois Ave
Greenville, SC 29611

Donate a Bike

Bicycles are the vehicle through which Village Wrench operates. We rely heavily on your dusty, not rusty bicycle donations bikes that can be refurbished and cycled back into the community. 

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Your donated bicycle...

Supports our Bike Earning program

Youth and adults earn bikes based on service hours completed within the community and in our shop. Click here to find out more about our Bike (L)earning program.

Supports Village Wrench

Many bikes are resold at affordable and accessible prices at our Workshop while providing an environmentally sustainable transportation option and promoting physical activity. Bike sales also assist Village Wrench in being financially sustainable, read more about economic independence in our core values.

Parking while dropping off bike donations is available across the street behind Ember Outfitters or behind Growler Haus.


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