Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Village Wrench?

VW is a group of local volunteers who give back to their neighborhoods by offering free bicycle maintenance, bike (l)earning opportunities, and community development.

When and where do you offer bike repairs?

Currently, we set up in the Greater Sullivan, West Greenville, and Sans Souci neighborhoods the first Saturday of every month, plus at our Workshop. Look for our yellow and black signs a couple of days beforehand for the exact time and location. For a current list of sites, click here.

What is Bike (L)earning?

Youth and adults who would like a gently used bike can earn one by doing community service in their own neighborhoods. A typical arrangement is for a “(l)earner” to volunteer 4-8 hours to earn a ride. Click here for more information.

What types of work is done to earn a bike?

Light manual labor, such as picking up trash, raking leaves, and landscaping. We are open to any ideas a (L)earner might have. Volunteering at our maintenance events also counts towards a (L)earner’s hours.

How do I become a Bike (L)earner?

It’s easy! Fill out a (L)earner Participation Form and Liability Waiver that you can find here. Next, get to work and record your hours with our Tracking Sheet also found here. Come to our Workshop during normal hours to turn in your paperwork. You will pick out a bike, tune it up, and ride off into the sunset! For more information, visit out Bike (L)earning page here.

Can I earn more than one bike?

Yes, earn as many as you want! 

How can I get involved with Village Wrench?

The volunteer options are endless! Contact us so we can brainstorm some options. We are always in need of bikes (dusty, not rusty), cash donations, and community leaders to expand our services. Check out this page to volunteer or contact us at

Can I donate my old bike(s) to Village Wrench?

Yes! Click here for more information on when and where to donate your bike(s).

Is The Village Wrench an organized non-profit?

Yes, The Village Wrench is an arm of Mill Community Ministries, a registered 501(c)3 in SC.