Community members of all ages earn bicycles through service. 

Build credit hours by serving in your own community, and earn your own set of wheels! Whether it's assisting our neighbors with yard work or keeping our streets clean from litter, you can find our youth and adults taking responsibility in the community.

3 Easy Steps to Earn a Bike through Village Wrench

1. Get to work in your community. There are a variety of organizations that provide service opportunities (see below). Alternatively, neighborhood efforts such as trash pick up, visiting with a senior citizen, or raking leaves for a single-parent are great examples. Ask yourself, "What am I good at and how can I put that to work in my neighborhood?"

2. Document your work on the Tracking Sheet and have someone validate your volunteerism by signing it and providing his or her phone number.  Verification letters from organizations are preferred. Understand that you will NOT receive your bicycle until the signer has been contacted and verified your work. Also complete a Liability Waiver online or print one out.

3. Bring the Tracking Sheet to the workshop during normal business hours. Pick out a bike from our inventory based on the cost of the bicycle and how many hours you have served.  A helmet, lock, and lights are included with all earned bicycles.

How many hours?

That’s up to you! Hours work like money; the more you work, the more expensive bicycle you can earn. $40 bikes are priced affordably, but they still meet a standard of quality and serve as a reliable form of transportation.

Earn a Bike Policies

Consult the Hours-to-Bike Price Chart (below)  to determine how long to work. Fill out each section/row completely. 

  • You must have a supervisor signature  to validate your work. NO PHONE NUMBER = NO HOURS

  • Service at organizations that will provide a verification letter is preferred. If you help a neighbor and s/he does not answer the verification phone call, you will have to wait until s/he responds to receive your bicycle.

  • Only able to earn one bicycle/person/year. 

  • Village Wrench is not liable or responsible for bicycle injury or accident.

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