Free Bike Repair


Every first Saturday. 

Five locations.  10 AM - 12 PM. Rain or Shine.

Contact one of the site leaders to get in on the good!

Our monthly repair events are a great opportunity to build relationships
with your neighbors, turn a wrench, and even serve up a hot dog.


Village Church Anglican
2104 Old Buncombe Rd.
Luke Woodard


Juanita Butler Center
2 Burns St.
Wes Whitesell


WGVL Garden
23 Kingsview St.
Randy McCreight


Nicholtown Community Center
112 Rebecca St.
Wayne Tinklepaugh


Spring Grove Apartments
1900 Boling Rd. EXT
*Meets 11 AM - 1 PM
Kaleb Ross

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 4.42.50 PM.png

Many in our community rely heavily on bicycles as a primary mode of transportation; others, for recreation and exercise. Bikes require routine maintenance and often break. We aim to make these repairs accessible and financially attainable.

Our Community Bike Repair Sites offer:  

  • Free Basic Bike Maintenance Instruction

  • Free Tune-up Instruction

  • Free Minor Bike Repairs

  • Hugs!

Trained volunteer mechanics come alongside bike owners to get their wheels back up to speed, while building community amongst our youth and families.